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The Reserve at Central Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/08/2007
While the apartments are not the worst I've lived in, they definitely are not the best for several reasons:<br><br>1) They list "freezer with ice maker" as one of their ammenities. What they fail to tell you is that all of their appliances were made in 1985 and have not been updated since.<br><br>2) Parking can be an issue sometimes<br><br>3) Walls are thin<br><br>4) The "biggest one bedroom" doesn't even have a pantry in the kitchen. So unless you eat McD's everyday, you may have some issues as the kitchen is very small.<br><br>It seems to be a safe apartment complex. The only issues that I knew of were one incident where a couple guys tried to force their way into an apartment of a women (we received a notice about that one), and a guy who went on a car-breakin fling. I did not receive notice about that one, but instead heard about it from the cop who lived in a building nearby.<br><br>The quality of the insides are very mediocre. If you can afford $50 more per month, I would recommend looking at more upscale apartments. Cheap apartments attract ... not so great people sometimes.<br><br>The leasing staff (especially the lady with the short hair) is really pushy. They make it sound like another person will walk in 5 seconds later and take the "ONLY ONE LEFT" if you don't put money down and submit an application.<br><br>The staff is very nice though, but still sometimes slow to respond to requests.<br><br>The maint. team is great. There was an older man who was so nice.<br><br>The workout room leaves a lot to be desired. There are a grand total of 4 machines in there.<br><br>They get all excited to tell you that they won some Beautification award from the City of Bedford... but to be very honest, I don't think any of the other apt. complexes even try for this award (it's one of those that you have to get your residents to nominate & vote for), because while it's nice that they repainted the buildings to make them look nicer, there are definitely NICER, more beautifully landscaped complexes in Bedford.<br><br>If you do decide to go in, check out their "specials" flyer in the front room. There is one that has specials for City of Bedford employees that has all kinds of typos on it. I didn't see it until after I moved in, and when I told them of the typos they even said they knew about it... so if they don't have enough pride to correct a mistake on a silly flyer, it shows what kind of pride they have in their community.<br>
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The Reserve at Central Park

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