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Toscana Villas Of Bedford



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musicguru87 • Resident 2010 - 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 06/29/2012
Take this from a resident, who has been here almost 2 years, and about to sign the new lease, and move into an updated apartment. There have been problems; I won t say there hasn t been. But most of you have to realize all these problems were left from the last management. The foundation problems, crooked doors, cracks above all cabinets, mildew problems, faulty outlets, and so much more. The biggest topic is the roaches, has no one watched the news this year? Before we had a roach outbreak it was on the new several times that ALL of north Texas will have this problem because of the lack of the winter we had. Even the nicer complexes that friends live at with no cracks and crevices for them to come in through, they still seem to get them. It is a problem that we will have until we have an actual winter season. I have them too, but only see maybe 3 MAX a week. I also see individuals stating false laws; the only law for bug spraying is they have to do it every 2 months around the buildings, NOT inside. Bug spray is cheap and if you do it yourself, you don t have to worry about calling a guy out and paying 3x the amount for one application. You can buy 5 applications for 1/3 of one professional visit. Even the last managements one application per month wasn t true, I ONLY had the exterminator in my apartment once in the 1 years that I was here, and I m a stay at home wife, so I would know who was in my home. I have a lot of the same problems that others are having; my door is crooked, I also have mildew (that s slowly coming off), HUGE gap behind the stove where an army of water bugs /tree roaches can come in and infest my home in one night flat (but I ve only had 4 in the 2 years I ve been here), stress cracks , peeling popcorn from the ceiling, but I m fixing that problem by transferring into a bigger apartment so they can fix the problems in this one. Granted it is a simple update, but I ve seen my neighbor s updated apartment and there s no cracks, newer appliances/fixtures, and the faux wood floor (which I ve been dying to have for an easier clean-up). I think the good in the newer apartments outweigh the bad. If you have a lot of problems, give them a few days to update your apartment, or transfer into a newer one at the end of your lease, like we re doing. We ll only be signing on for 6 more months to make sure we like the new lease, but I ve only heard ONE bad thing about it. Fixing your own washer/dryer if it breaks down, which in most cases is extremely easy to fix. There is a newer guy in the office that gave us different information about getting the new apartment (I guess he s still in training) then the main manager, went back to talk to another manager, and got the info we needed. We will be going back up there very soon to wrap everything up. Would I recommend this place? To some people yes, but some no.
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Toscana Villas Of Bedford

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