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Glenwood Apartments



Resident · 2019
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Office Staff
I rented a 1-bedroom apartment as a stay in Bryan. My residence is somewhere else, so I only stayed there 3 or 4 times a week at the most. The apartment complex is an older one so they don't have dishwashers, but there are garbage disposals. The air conditioning works well as well as the heat (Its the same window unit), but when it turned off and on it made a rattling sound and would briefly wake me up almost every time when I was trying to sleep. I reported that, but didn't get a response. Also, about a month after I moved in, my closet had a wet carpet. Maintenance came the next day, pulled out the carpet in the closet and repaired the bathtub with really horrendous smelling chemicals, so I couldn't stay in the apartment for several days. Next day carpet was wet again. Two days later, they discovered that the water heater in the apartment above mine was leaking and that is where the water came from. They fixed that and I had no more water in the closet. However, they never replaced the carpet in the closet so for the time I was there, the closet had just a cement floor. I know they were planning on taking out the carpet in all of the apartments and installing laminate wood floors, so I assume that is why they didn't replace the carpet. But, that was a little annoying. In general, the apartment complex is quiet, but if you have neighbors, you can hear some noise, like if they have their TV on loud or music. The first couple of months, I didn't have a neighbor on the right and the neighbor on the left wasn't there so much when I was, so it was quiet. After that, new people moved in and I could hear their TV at night and their music during the day. Also, when the neighbor on the right took a shower, the pipes made a loud noise for the duration. I don't think that I would have stayed at this apartment a second year because of this, but I have my own house in the country, where I have no noise at all, so maybe city dwellers would be okay with it. Once or twice I could hear a train whistle at night. The apartment complex, at that time, did not have cable and the management would not allow any more satellite dishes on the property, so you would have to use something like Roku if you wanted more than just the 5 or 6 local stations. I did get a card under my door from Suddenlink, so they may be moving into the neighborhood. The office personnel was always friendly with me. The only problem that I had was on the day that I was supposed to move in, I was told that the person in the apartment had not vacated, so I could wait for them to move or move into another apartment. Since I had already rented a truck and contracted for internet service, I moved into the other apartment. It was a nicer one, and the internet guy hooked up the internet in this new apartment, but that caused problems for months with the internet company because he did not inform the office that my contract should be moved to this new apartment. After 2 days, my internet was shut off, and it took three weeks for them to get the situation straight. So be sure and ask more than once if the apartment that you are going to move in has been vacated. Other than that, this part of neighborhood does have lower cost rental properties, so it can look at little shady, but I never had any problem with anyone there, and strange scary people weren't hanging around in the parking lot, so I would say that the neighborhood is safe. Just down the street are regular homes. I never used the laundry facility there, but if nothing has changed, it was dirty when I looked in the windows and a neighbor told me that it wasn't any good. Other than that, the outside of the complex looks nice; the parking lot is a little crumbly in places and sometimes I found some trash (cups, potato chip bags) on the grounds, but other than that, they keep up the outside. One thing that was annoying about the complex was that you cannot pay your rent online and you can't have it drafted out of your bank account, so you have to write a check and take it to the office. That was inconvenient. They are trying to move to an electronic system, but at the time I was there, it hadn't happened yet. All in all, this is an okay complex for anyone who does not require amenities like a clubhouse and pool and is willing to go elsewhere to wash their laundry. The rent at the time that I was there was one of the lowest in Bryan, and since I did not want to share an apartment with anyone, it was one of two properties that I had considered. I think the rent has gone up a little since.
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