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Branch Creek Apartments

2250 Marsh Ln

Carrollton, TX 75006



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randyandrews • Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/22/2007
The only reason my wife and I have lived here as long as we have is because the rent is cheap. We've finally gotten tired of it and have decided to move on. We are turning in our 60 day notice to *manager name withheld so as not to violate any laws* today. There are maitinence problems that we have been trying to get fixed for months. We've sent certified letters telling *manager name withheld so as not to violate any laws* that the things need to be fixed, and still nothing is done. The area that we live in is right next to the pool that is closest to the office, and every time it rains, it floods our apartment. Me and the neighbors are constantly complaining about it. The last time we called them to tell them it was flooded, they took 4 hours to come out and turn on a pump so we could leave our apartments without being shin deep in water. The staff in the office isn't helpful in the least and the manager (who has been the same manager the entire time we lived here) is the worst of the bunch. You even try telling her she might be mistaken about something and prepare for a fight. There is dog poop (poop used in place of another word starting with S i would prefer to use) all over the grounds. No one picks up after their pets. It's even in the grassy areas by the parking lot. If you want to actually speak with maitienence you will need to learn Spanish, as they do not know any English other than "Hi, how you doing?" Maitinence is nice enough, but it's just impossible to communicate with them. The pool opens sometime in late June, and closes sometime in early August. It's been like that since we first got here. The few positive reviews on here seem to be awfully close together, and seem to be written by the same person. I'm not saying it is the same person, but I am saying that you might want to take positive reviews with a grain of salt.
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Branch Creek Apartments

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