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Rosemeade Townhomes

3830 Old Denton Rd

Carrollton, TX 75007



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
We moved from CA to TX. We needed an apt to call home and we though Rosemeade will be it. We were wrong. The day we flew to TX we came straight to the leasing office to pick up the keys. No one bothered to walk us to the apartment and instead showed us how to get to it on a map. It is myself, wife and two children. We immediately noticed an insulation problem with the windows and doors, breeze was coming in and it led to keeping the heat on at higher temperature to keep the apt warm. We addressed the the issue and 3 weeks later after all the hassle and talking to the regional about all our issues. we got a guy come to tell us everything is good and there is no problem. The guy was trying to fix the main door the doesn't shut and he would leave the apt when my wife and sister in law were alone. He would leave without saying I'll be back. Comes back after 5 minutes walking in without knocking like he is family. He did that a few times my wife said. Just horrible!!! Within a week of moving in we noticed ants by the hurdle. there is carpet throughout the unit except the wet areas. So It's hard to see the creatures. Took the responsibility upon my self to take action. Went to Walmart and got a spray to kill the ants, at the same time I wasn't comfortable spraying in and on the carpet but rather under it. When I started pulling the carpet I was shocked, I found lots of dust and filth hidden under the carpet. I then started doubting the sanitation, making ready process of the apartment to a new tenant. I asked, if they truly pestecided the apartment. Cleaned it properly. Sealed all the cracks and let it air out. We wouldn't of had the issues. To make it short. *IN 3 WEEKS WE PAID $51 WORTH OF ELECTRICITY FOR ONLY 5 DAYS, HORRIBLE INSULATION. *IN 3 WEEKS WE SAW ROCH, ANTS BY HURDLES IN MULTIPLE AREAS OF THE APARTMENT. *IN 3 WEEKS WE SAW NEIGHBORS NOT CLEAN AFTER THEIR DOGS POOPED, JUST AFTER WE COMPLAINED THEY POSTED A SIGN EXCLUSIVE IN FRONT OF OUR APT. NOT ENTIRE COMMUNITY. * IT TOOK A WEEK TO SERVICE WORK ORDER, WE DISNT HAVE WATER TO WASH HANDS IN THE DOWNSTAIRS BATHROOM. *IT TOOK 3 WEEKS FOR SOMEONE TO COME TO INSPECT THE INSULATION AND TELL US ITS ALL GOOD WHEN IT IS NOT, EMPLOYEE DIDNT EXCUSE HIM SELF AFTER LEAVING THE APT AND WHEN CAME BACK DID NOT BOTHER TO KNOCK ON THE DOOR, ESPECIALLY KNOWING ONLY LADIES WERE IN THE HOUSE. * ONLY WAY TO FIX THE INFESTATION SITUATION IS TO SPRAY THE INTERIOR AND FLUD IT WITH CHEMICALS. THESE CHEMICALS ARE VERY HARMFUL AND HAVE SERIOUS IMPLICATIONS TO CHILDRENS HEALTH, IF THE UNIT WAS DONE RIGHT BEFORE WE MOVED IN WE WOULDNT HAVE EXPERIENCED WHAT WE HAVE. CANT SPRAY WHILE HAVING A CRAWLER AND TODDLER RUNNING AND PLAYING ON CARPET. CANT SPRAY WHEN ITS 30 DEGREES OUTSIDE AND NOT LETTING THE APARTMENT TO AIR OUR. I WANT OUT OF HERE!! I WOULDNT RECOMEND THIS PLACE AT ALL!! Not unless you don't minds experiencing what I went thru.
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Rosemeade Townhomes

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