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Woods At Lakeshore

3560 Country Square Dr

Carrollton, TX 75006



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
This is my long rant on the current state of The Woods at Lakeshore.<br><br>If you're planning on moving into this complex I would strongly advise you to read this and reconsider. I'll start off by listing a positive aspects:<br><br>1) The price. That is the biggest thing that [email protected] has going for it. I started paying $625 when I moved in 3 years ago and currently pay $635 $10 covered parking fee for approx 950 sq ft. Although, I should mention that my next door neighbor just moved out and after a long conversation about the current state of the complex it was brought to our attention that she was paying $780 a month for the same floor plan. <br><br>Great, now that that's out of the way let me tell you every reason why you shouldn't live here.<br><br>I would've listed the maintenance guy as a positive aspect, but he quit less than a year ago. He WAS extremely hard working and the amount of effort he put into his job was outstanding considering the fact that he was in charge of maintaining the ~100 apartments in the complex by himself. I would typically see him carting up and around the entire complex at least 2-3 times a day in my regular treks from/to work. After JJ, the new manager, started he subsequently left and was replaced by a "ghost" maintenance guy that I see perhaps once a week at best. What that means is good luck getting something fixed. My microwave stopped working and I received the office s microwave as a replacement till my new one arrived. It took 2 weeks for it to be installed and all the while I have this huge filth encrusted microwave occupying my counter.<br><br>I used to be quite pleased with the apartments until I began to slowly realize that the lack of management/adequately sized maintenance staff was slowly driving this place into the ground. All the reviews complaining about JJ are completely, 100% true. The way in which she handles herself and the apartment complex is not only unprofessional, but disturbing. The one time that I used the "pool" (it's about 15x10 feet, more of a kiddy pool) with a friend, I had to stop and explain who the girl was and where I had met her. Perhaps I'm in the wrong in thinking that a landlord should stay within their role as a landlord and not venture into people's private business. She answers the phone only when she feels like it and you can typically find her at the office well...never. <br><br>My apartment sits on a very serene duck pond that was the driving force in why I originally moved in. The duck pond has 3 water fountains. No, actually the pond has 1.5 fountains. One of them functions properly, a second functions at half strength, and the third simply bubbles up water. I've commented to JJ and previous management that I'm aggravated that the duck pond has never really functioned but usually I'll receive their one canned response, "Underwater aquifers." Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention that the entire complex sits on top of a natural underground aquifer. What does that mean? Well, for one, hot water is very intermittent. That means it'll spontaneously turn from skin scalding to ice cube cold within two minutes of starting a shower. It also means that in their "attempt" to fix the problem of water leaks that the water is constantly being turned off for repairs. Half of the complex had to be dug up at one point. Neon barricades, 5 foot deep holes, piles of dirt/mud; very aesthetically pleasing. The problem still isn't fixed and you'll occasionally see water seeping out from under the ground, flooding areas of the complex. <br><br>Also, there is absolutely no insulation which leads to insane utility bills. $200 AC bills are not uncommon. The walls are paper thin, just ask me about my neighbor's "sleeping" habits.<br><br>Recently (most recently within the last year, but steadily since I moved in) the quality of tenants has slowly declined, which I can mostly attribute to the low rent. When I moved in the parking lot was full of very nice cars. Volvos, Infinities, Corvettes, etc Now I have a rusted neon parked in front of my apartment that hasn t moved in nearly 4 months. The new tenants around the way usually congregate around their cars in front of their apartment and drink. Upon returning from Christmas holiday I found that the wall leading into the complex was covered in graffiti. Classy. <br><br>I handed in my 60 day notice to JJ, who demanded an explanation as to why I was leaving. After explaining the previous points she simply dismissed me by saying, "Yea, well good luck finding the perfect world!" Like I said, very professional.<br><br>I ve tried to keep this short and it s still extremely long, I hope that hints at how badly I m trying to relate to you .DO NOT LIVE HERE, FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING SACRED!!<br>
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Woods At Lakeshore

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