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Cypress Gardens

335 Cypress Creek Rd

Cedar Park, TX 78613



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2005
I cannot even begin to explain to you how horrible this place is!! It really is ------!! There are potholes EVERYWHERE! You have to drive around them for fear of getting your car stuck in them. Not to mention the DUCKS parade in the middle of the road. It's cute at first but after a while its very annoying. Also, they never fix anything you ask them to. We filled out a sheet of things we needed repaired when we first moved in including a broken window,mold growing on the windows due to a leak, a broken drawer, a nail coming out of the carpet, ANTS, and soooo much more. We lived there for 16 months and not one thing was fixed. No one even came to look at it, that we know of. One time we were relaxing on the couch and heard a knock at the door so I try and catch my little dog so she wont run out the door when I open it and before I can,she unlocked my door and opened it!!!! I dont know what the law is but that was an intrusion of my privacy! What if I was naked or something???? She said she wanted to post the notice inside my house about my rent being ONE DAY late even after i had just called the office to tell them that we would be paying it the next day! Also, there were these mysterious brown stains that started showing up all over the walls....don't even want to know what they were. Oh yeah and their "fitness center" consists of 3 broken machines and a floor mat! Seriously, goodwill probably wouldnt even sell them. They dont even work...at all. The pools always look gross. I could go on forever about how nasty and ------ these apartments are. PLEASE PLEASE I'm BEGGING you....don't move there. Spend $20 and move somewhere nicer.
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Cypress Gardens

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