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Sherwood Forest Apartments



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roknchik • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/14/2007
for the past couple months ever since the lights went out in the entire back section of the apartments there have been PROWLERS lurking outside people's windows, standing on their porches, and roaming the parking lot at all hours! at 5 am the other morning my dogs were going crazy at the back door and we walked out on our porch to find MUDDY FOOTPRINTS and the gate wide open!!! AND the smell of cigarettes and none of us smoke! who knows how long this weirdo was standing there! <br><br>just 3 days ago our neighbor came over to tell us that she'd caught the perv again walking around the back alley and he had the audacity to tell her the cops wouldn't believe her story if she called them! <br>he had tried to get on our porch AGAIN but we've since locked it up at night but it was obviously pulled out as if someone had tried to open it. <br><br>i don't know what the hell is going on around here but this is getting ridiculous. <br>if it's not drug deals through the fence to our neighboring apt complexes it's the ------ management, broken out car windows, trash everywhere, and now this creep wandering around!<br><br>in the past month there have been 6 complaints against the manager for overcharging people on their water bills which resulted in a visit from corporate.<br><br>i hope they get this place back together because not only is it a complete ---- hole to live in it's right next to a high school AND elementary school and i'm starting to really worry about the kids walking home past here!<br><br>about 5 years ago we had our peephole stolen from our front door which left a hole open for all to look into our apt for God knows how long til we noticed it!!! i guess the freaks are back and with a vengance! they aren't even trying to be sneaky anymore because they KNOW that nothing will be done about it and they can just hop the fence to the cemetary and make a run for it (it's happened TWICE in the past month already!)<br><br>please, if you have a family or are a young female living alone DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! but if you HAVE to move here stick to the front of the complex by the leasing office...it's possibly one of the most unsafe complexes i've ever lived in, AND i've lived on the rough, southwest side of Houston!
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Sherwood Forest Apartments

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