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Cedar Ridge at College Station



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/08/2007
Pros<br>-Veeeeerrrryyyy quiet. It seems like this is home to a lot of families, so you don't have a problem with students partying all the time.<br>-Management is very friendly, accommodating, and quick. <br>-Maintenance is so fast! Usually if I put in a work order, they have a guy come in that same day (or the next if I reported late). <br>-Price is very reasonable. <br>-Parking is pretty good, and they are not picky about visitors. <br>-Great location, close to Krueger, and you can take the back road, Anderson, to get to campus and avoid all the traffic on Texas.<br><br>Cons<br>-Old. And with older apartments you get shoddy craftsmanship and more maintenance problems. Older appliances etc. <br>-Wireless internet is the worst thing ever. They recently "upgraded", but it is still slow and miserable. There are no ethernet jacks (older complex) so you can't get direct internet. This would be my biggest complaint.<br>-Thin walls so you can hear when your neighbors are taking a shower. At least parties aren't a problem.<br>-Lawn care services come once a week to mow and weed and cut the grass in the morning, and it is sooooooo freaking loud! The walls are thin, so it feels like I have a leaf blower right by my head.<br>-Ammenities are pool, volleyball, basketball, and laundry facility. Nothing really special, and nothing anybody actually uses.<br>-Old.<br><br>Overall, I've had a very pleasant experience, but I think I would like a newer place in the future.
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Cedar Ridge at College Station

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