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Newport Condominiums



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
I've lived here for about 2 years and I've never had any problems with roaches, bedbugs or any insect life described in the early posts. Whenever I put in a request to fix something whatever is wrong has always been dealt with promptly and politely by experienced personnel. However, I have always had issues with the management. Especially after this April when the property came under "New Management". Not only did the rent spike..(100 dollar increase?!?) but the hired office help became forceful and rude. Our lease was not expiring for some time but the management decided we needed to sign "now" to take advantage of current specials(meaning if not our rent was going to go up). Honestly how is anyone supposed to know what they are doing when they are in college and everything is transient three months before their lease is due to come up for resigning? In my opinion that was extremely unfair and irritating. What is also irritating is the fact that the office hours are at the most inconvenient time for students. 9-12 in the morning is right in the middle of undergraduate and graduate classes on campus. When I actually do make time(meaning skip my classes) to be at the office the management is usually just gone from the office(with no explanation) When you call the number no one answers, or an answering service answers and the leasing officer never gets back to you. I only had a lease problem, another renter had no hot water. So he had to take a cold shower again that night because the office worker decided she wasn't going to show up or answer her phone. On the bright side our particular apartment is small but cozy, quiet and with a washer and dryer it (at it's current rental rate) is one of the best values in town. Especially since it's only a 2 minute walk to campus. They have also threatened to start towing people who park in the parking without a pass, which is nice. A word to anyone leasing here. Do not rent anything on the third floor, in my experience the roof STILL leaks no matter what they tell you. If they say they're going to clean the carpet, they won't. Insist on inspecting the unit that you are getting before you sign the lease, hopefully then maybe they'll clean or replace the carpet.
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