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Ridgewood Village Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 1999 - 2002 Recommended
Reviewed 01/30/2003
I am leaving Ridgewood Village, but not because I am unhappy living here. It is VERY close to campus, but not loud from either road noise (it´s surrounded by old trees) or loud neighbors (mostly grad students). When I found this apartment it was the BEST deal for the least money I could possibly find in an area I wasn´t likely to get shot at. Living alone can be VERY expensive, but the rates are exceedingly reasonable here. <br> <br>There is plenty of parking & they don´t tow (despite the signs). The sliding-glass front door works really well to keep the spacious one-bedrooms well-lit. The "balcony-style" bedroom isn´t that large, but since it´s open to the living area below, it makes it seem big and open. <br> <br>Everyone who lives here is friendly & we all look out for one another, especially when someone is out of town. <br> <br>Those are the positives, and believe me, they greatly outweigh the negatives. But there are always negatives... <br> <br>They are getting older, so the floors tend to be pretty squeaky. The storage space is lacking, and the appliances are mostly quite old though in good condition. It can also be a difficult floorplan to adapt to (you´ll know what I mean when you see it), but most of my neighbors have found creative ways to maximize their space. <br> <br>The area is mostly safe--there was a recent car break-in, but there´s been a rash of them around town lately. They were recently bought by a guy who lives in Houston & not everyone likes him--they say that he is kind of rude. I haven´t personally had any run-ins, though. There really isn´t any other staff, but there is a number you can call in emergencies. The manager comes in town really often & is making improvements. <br> <br>Overall, I would highly recommend the one-bedrooms (not the TINY efficiencies) for renting due to their VERY low price w/ plenty of space and the quiet, neighborly atmosphere. It´s a good use of money for someone wanting to live in a 1-bedroom.
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Ridgewood Village Apartments

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