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Stadium View Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
Management needs to shape up severely. Their idea of "informing" residents of changes is to hand out fliers. Why not send out emails? I'm easier able to keep up with emails. Also, staff is VERY hot and cold. Maitenence guys are all super nice, BUT lazy. My AC broke and instead of working an hour overtime (apartment was 86 degrees and rising) the one fixing it went home and I had to go stay with a friend that night until he fixed it in the morning. Now onto parking: usually there is enough visitors parking and you don't have to let them know three days in advance or anything funny BUT BE WARNED DURING FOOTBALL SEASON. I find it ridiculous to have to enter a raffle to BUY a visitors spot on game day. I understand the raffle deal, but NOT why we have to pay for the parking spot. It's our right to have visitors and I'm pretty sure my rent is high enough to get me a pass anyway. The towing company they use is unsafe and rude to residents, they almost ran over my boyfriend in order to try to tow someones truck before that person could get into the car and remove it. Heard about one BODY SLAMMING a resident into the ground because he had the old style permit. I loved the dog park and that's what attracted me to Stadium View in the first place. New management cut it in half by the time I moved in, which I could live with. Then the sod in the first half which is now a picnic area didn't settle after about 3 inches of rain, they locked the park completely. AND left a super rude note saying people didn't stay off the sod which is why they closed the park "until further notice" they didn't even give us a time frame it would open again so we could plan accordingly. Them shutting it down whenever it pleases them and then BLAMING residents for it inexcusable move by management. All their amenities they act like are supplied by them and NOT charged to us, but that's bull. The price of rent is inclusive of all amenities and they need to adhere to an acceptable standard of conduct towards residents. I understand renovations are needed, but they also need to INFORM us well in advance and give us an ACCURATE time frame. What you're paying for is the location, which is great. It's super close to campus but for me, the hassle created by the management made me move. I was told on move-in that as long as I told them three-months before move-out, that was fine. Now they made me pay a break of contract fee and were super rude to me. When they went over the contract with me in the beginning they conveniently skipped that. I was also promised a washer/dryer by September it's now November. From the apartments that do have washer/dryers installed it was CRAPPY and CHEAPLY done and the crew left a huge mess. Showers are SUPER loud you can head when a neighbor is showering and it will wake you. Windows towards street are not noise-reductive at all, so if you're a light sleeper tuff luck. And the walls are just resident-dry patched so when you try to hang something you might make a huge hole because of cheap drywall patcher. Also, seem to just have painted over nails in wall instead of removing them.
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Stadium View Apartments

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