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Stonewood Village Apartments



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Office Staff
eamarshall • Resident 2003 - 2004 Recommended
Reviewed 09/28/2005
I don't have one negative thing to say about the office staff. They were lenient and understanding. I was a single parent, that went to school full time at A&M, and also worked 32 hours a week. A couple of times I was late on my rent, and they said nothing, and charged no late fee. I was charged no pet deposit, and when my exboyfriend and I had court for custody of my daughter, they even testified on my behalf, amongst other things. They apartments are a little old, but they fix things in a timely manner. The bathtubs are faulty, big time. I was almost not able to move in because the apartment had a hole in the bathtub. At the time I was thinking how in the hell do you put a hole in a bathtub? Well, It happened to me twice. They material is very thin. Um, maintenece does tend to drink on the clock, but they were nice as well. As far as the other person's comment on the electricity bill, "what do you expect?" is a two story, open loft. I never thought about it at the time, but the kitchen is small. I didn't see one roach while I was living there, and it's not because I'm the cleanist person in the world. The frequent occurance of bats is a little freaky, but has nothing to do with the apartments, but c.s. in general. The location is great. I didn't have a car until my 6th month there, and I was able to catch the bus to school and work. If you like to drink, it's right across from the tap. It's also behind TJ Maxx, Toys-r-us and the mall. Oh, when I got my car, I was wishing for a hummer cuz the parking lot was full of holes, but you cant have everything, right. I also had to replace 3 tires due to the contractors throwing nails on the ground while remodling/repairing. I was very pissed, especially since I was making 7.50/hr.
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Stonewood Village Apartments

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