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The Trails at Wolf Pen

950 Colgate Dr

College Station, TX 77840

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Office Staff
Resident 2018 - 2019 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/12/2019
Living at The Trails was nothing but a series of bad experiences. Before I moved into my 2-bedroom apartment in May, I was assured over and over that my total utilities for just one person would never exceed $100/month. Hilarious, because I regularly paid $240/month as someone who spends most of their time away from home every day. Adding insult to injury, my AC never functioned properly - as in, it ran constantly while my apartment maintained a toasty 85 degrees in May (nighttime, mind you) for a few weeks, and was completely incapable of cooling below 76 degrees at its peak functionality. After multiple phone calls and trips to the office over the matter, I was told there was no obvious problem with the AC and that I just had to understand that Texas summers are hot and everyone pays more in the warmer months. Funny how the office was awfully breezy. When I called to ask how often air filters were replaced (should be at least every other month for how dusty this place gets), I was informed that would only be done upon request. Interesting how that's somehow not considered regular maintenance? On the topic of maintenance: one of my kitchen sinks began leaking terribly soon after I moved in (it had clearly been poorly-repaired previously) to the point it was non-functional, and multiple work orders were ignored and weeks passed before maintenance patched it up. Last year the paneling on all apartment buildings was replaced, but after the siding had been stripped off my building, it was abandoned in a giant mountain of garbage and work ceased for a month. The management is out to make money, and make money they do. The apartments are not individually metered, so beware that your various fees (multiple that you're not informed of when signing a lease) will not necessarily reflect actual tenant usage. While most of the office staff was kind and tried to be helpful, there is a lot wrong with the management (in house and on a corporate level) that make this place a nasty trap. Absolutely not worth what you'll pay.
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The Trails at Wolf Pen

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