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The Trails at Wolf Pen

950 Colgate Dr

College Station, TX 77840

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ucrocks • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/22/2007
I live here now. I have only positive things to say about this place. When I moved in my dryer wasn't working, BUT I put in a maintenance request and they were there the next day. Yes, it's true that maintenance does stop by without prior notification BUT they are very nice (and funny) guys. Also, they have never came by at an 'unacceptable' hour. I think the earliest in the day I've seen them is 11. <br><br>The pool and hottub is nice, it's always clean. <br><br>I've never had a problem with a break-in. The only time I've felt unsafe is when going to the dumpster at night because it is the only spot in the parking lot that is not well-lit. <br><br>Parking is good. I'm always parked within reasonable distance from my building and usually I have a space right in front of it. <br><br>Visitors can park on the curb...my boyfriend has been there fairly often for the entire fall semester and he has never had any problems with towing. <br><br>As for problems I've had, aside from the dryer not working for about a day when I first moved in, we had an ant problem for a few weeks but as far as I know, we never put in a request to fix it and simply made sure we didn't leave food out for too long and the problem went away. <br><br>University Commons is a good, safe place to live with a great location (convenient to the bypass) and I highly recommend living here.
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The Trails at Wolf Pen

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