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The Trails at Wolf Pen

950 Colgate Dr

College Station, TX 77840

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Office Staff
Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/13/2007
I was at first excited moving here, the place seemed fairly nice. I was wrong. Let me list out:<br><br>Cons:<br>-Major ant problem. Even when food is stored away, they literally live in the walls of EVERYWHERE. They are in our kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom and I have not eaten in my bedroom or bathroom.<br>-Constant parties. From Thursday - Saturday at night it is real noisy.<br>-People who live here have no respect for those below. The people above me constantly fight/yell and have knock out fights. <br>-Dryers don't work well. I even had them come out and replace it. You still have to dry your clothes around 3 times. <br>-Utility package isn't worth it. You still get charged extra.<br>-Furniture package is bad. the furniture sucks. my bed is so uncomfortable, and the rest of the couches and such have stains and look so nasty. <br><br><br>Pros:<br>-Maintanence guys are real good for coming out and doing things. They are the true backbone to this place. if maintanence was not good, this place isn't worth it. <br><br><br>Overall:<br>-For how high the price is, and how i got a notification the other day about rent going up, it is not worth living here for the bad conditions.... I hope the apartment owners will read this and try fixing up a apartment complex which was made in 98 (which still should be in good condition).
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The Trails at Wolf Pen

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