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University Terrace Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
When you compare University Terrace to other places, the first thing you'll notice is the bigger rooms and slightly cheaper prices. This was my first apartment, so I was pretty naive about everything, but let me give a rundown of the bad parts: <br><br>A/C SUCKS!! Air vents are in crappy locations and barely even blow so it gets hotter than you know what even if the A/C is on 65. It's $2.50 to wash/dry a load of laundry and the washers are small and the dryers don't dry heavy clothes (i.e. jeans, hoodies, etc.). The complex is right behind a busy shopping center, so every morning you can expect to hear dump trucks and car alarms. But the worst part by far is MANAGEMENT!! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I hate these people. They're basically only there when it's time to lease more apartments or collect rent. They don't fix anything; the dishwasher in my apartment has been broke since day one. The lightbulbs they gave me were a blue light in the hallway, and a blacklight over the bar. They don't replace the air filters or even supply new ones. They've come in my apartment several times without letting me know and messed with things. One time they came in to store a mirror in my apartment. When it freezes they don't do anything to keep people from slipping down the stairs (I wish i woulda been smart enough to slip so I could sue them for the rest of the rent). And they are very quick to hand out fines, yet they never clean up the premises; there's trash and litter everywhere. And on top of all that, they lied to me and I'm sure others about the bus route. They told me the A&M bus route stops by the apartments, but it sure doesn't. So for the past year I've had to walk a minimum of 20 or 30 minutes to campus everyday just to go to class. Oh yeah, and the electric outlets are the old-school kind that only have 2 prongs and not the third one, so you have to buy an adaptor to plug in a power strip. There's also only 1 cable outlet so you can't have cable/internet in your bedroom. <br><br>On the plus side, there's good water pressure in the shower, parking is weird but actually pretty convenient when you get used to it, and I like the whole 2 doors thing. <br><br>All in all I wouldn't have minded this place if it wasn't for the management and the bus route. Just be careful...
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University Terrace Apartments

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