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Kensington Park



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2004 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/22/2007
My husband and I rented a two bedroom apartment, and we paid for one reserved carport space (My husband works a late shift, and it's often hard to find a spot late at night). Within the first month, he couldn't park in his spot because there was someone else parked there or the sportscar next to us was double parked. My husband called the courtesy officer during our first week there to complain about it, and was told that they couldn't do anything about towing it, neither could the police, and maybe we should just tell the management later. He then proceeded to tell my husband "Oh well, just park somewhere else." When my husband pointed out that, hello, we PAID for this spot, the courtesy officer asked for our apt. number. My husband said he didn't remember it yet (it was our first week!) and went to check it.<br><br>The next day I went to follow up with the office staff, and they said they can't take drunks seriously. Excuse me? The manager then proceeded to explain that because my husband forgot our apt. number, on our first week there, she assumed he was drunk. Then, instead of apologizing, she used some bad language about us and basically screamed at me. I let them know that the other car was parked in our spot at this very moment, and was told that they can't be expected to check it and I would have to get over it. I told them I wouldn't pay for the spot anymore, and they said I would have to pay three month's worth of fees to get rid of it. When I told them I hadn't signed any paperwork to that effect, they pulled out my file. Indeed, they had never even had me sign that paperwork! (Only the spot assignment and the payment slip of course)<br>They were horrible to us for months, and finally I got in touch with their management company's owner after several attempts.<br>He told me that maybe the manager was having "that time of the month" (his exact words) and that, as a woman, i should relate.<br>I put in a complaint to the better business bureau right afterwards.<br><br>We also had other minor problems with them throughout our stay, and all kinds of charges on our deposit for things i know we hadn't done.<br><br>The only thing this apt. did for us is make us better at documenting everything so we can take an apt to court if something like this ever happens again.
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Kensington Park

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