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6602 Everhart Road

Corpus Christi, TX 78413



Resident · 2013 - 2015
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Office Staff
When we first looked at this place (2009) they were shady. That was Harpers Corner. It is currently called CABANA ON EVERHART, All I can say is do NOT move here or any other complex this company owns. We have lived here for 2 years and the first year, there were absolutely no problems! It was the best complex I've ever seen! As time goes on...They spent money building a fenced in grassed area(same grass throughout the complex) for a DOG PARK, they spent money on furniture for the pools during winter time and they cut half of the basketball court for a tennis court. Parking is AWFUL, no regulated spot nor have they changed the pass code to get in so anyone can come by. Now to the real problems! One night we were running our microwave and a socket on the opposite side of the kitchen started shooting sparks! They fixed it within 24 hrs. With in three months of that, our electricity shorts out and ONLY ONE of our sockets worked. Guy spent all day trying to figure it out when all he had to do was flip the breaker. Here's the GREAT PART! Even with an EMPLOYEE watching an UNLICENSED maintenance man trying to change a breaker on a building, IT BLOWS UP AND STARTING SHOOTING SPARKS AND CATCHES FIRE! They even called the fire department!!!! If you want pictures of damage, I have them. We were without electricity for THREE days and the hired electrician brought out his personal generator for our section while the apartments did NOTHING. They offered no concession for us, or those without electricity, for anything perishable in our apartment without power!!!!!! They stated some clause in our lease saying as long as they are trying to fix the problem, they have the right to do nothing. Just today I found that our AC unit was leaking, in our CLOSET, near an electric panel and ruined clothing and my SCHOOL BOOKS averaging about $250 for all. We took my books to the office and the APARTMENT MANAGER SYLVIA said it wasn't her problem. It wasn't CONDENSATION, like they were trying to tells, it was a maintenance issue! The amount that we HAVE to pay every month is not worth these falling apart buildings. I hope this isn't a kind of apartment complex you would like to live in. This just goes to show that they do not care about who lives here whatsoever, even the employees that live in the complex. SIDE NOTE: THERE ARE 2 LAUNDRY FACILITIES FOR THE ENTIRE COMPLEX, GOOD LUCK DOING LAUNDRY WHILE THE OFFICE IS CLOSED WITH YOUR CARD THAT HAS TO BE LOADED IN THE OFFICE!!!!
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I sincerely apologize for any unforeseen incidents you have experienced in the two years that you have resided at the property. The new Company did reposition the tennis courts and made it into a half court for basketball, along with more amenities, a walking trail, outdoor grilling area, open parking, new pool furniture, and fenced in a grassy area for a dog park. It is standard procedure to have a lead maintenance technician to make said electrical repairs. Unfortunately it was more than we had anticipated and contracted an Electrical Company to change out the meter bank which they did within 24 hours. It was our office that requested generators for our residents, so that they would not lose their perishables. I assure you they were not personal generators. In regards to your A/C leak, when you called in your request to fix the A/C unit that was leaking, we immediately sent the Lead Maintenance Technician and contracted a Carpet Cleaning company to extract the water and to shampoo your carpet. I would never say it is not my problem. Furthermore, I advised you to contact your Renter's Insurance Company for any personal property that may have been damaged. Renter's insurance is required and highly recommend for personal property coverage in the event there is water damage, fire or theft. One of our many goals is to respond to our residents needs promptly and efficiently. If you need assistance in contacting your Renter's Insurance Agency, we will be more than happy to assist you or if you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to call me or stop by the leasing office.

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