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Autumn Sunrise Apartments



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ktubaman • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/24/2007
I have lived here for 6 months and can't wait to leave! The owner only allows 6 month leases. I assume this is because he figures residents who can't stand it will leave. When I got up to start a new job after my first night, I discovered my shower didn't work; even after their maintenance staff had performed a "complete maintenance check" of the apartment. There are no screens on the windows or patio door, so if I open a door or window to air out the apartment I also get mosquitos and bugs. Maintenance is either undertrained or told to only provide "band-aid" fixes to problems. For example, my fridge door does not seal shut and the complex won't fix it - I have a piece of duck tape on it to seal the door. My stove overheats by 50 to 70 degrees and the surface indicator light does not work; I have almost burned myself several times. Maintenance told me that they can't get parts anymore - Gee, maybe its time TO GET A NEW STOVE! The dishwasher is rusted and you'll be lucky to get clean dishes out of it. Let's see, what else. The water pressure is considerably weak in the shower, so when you go to take a shower at 7 AM, don't expect much water. There's a nice big water heater, but not much pressure. And if you go away for a weekend, the water will smell for a week when you get back. My second week here, the main water line to the complex broke. Did they call in someone who knew what they were doing? NO, they fixed it internally and we had spooty water for over a week. There are constant auto break-ins; in fact, the parking lot is littered with glass since no one cleans it up. This week, some clown decided to shoot someone's tires out. Don't expect to ever feel safe here. Also, don't expect to have access to your electric circuit box. The windows are single pane and easily let in noise, cold and heat depending on the time of the year. During a cold spell, I had to tape my curtain to the wall because a cold air breeze was coming through the bedroom window. This place is old and falling apart. Pay $50 more a month and live somewhere else.
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Autumn Sunrise Apartments

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