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By The Sea Apartment Homes



Resident · 2008 - 2009
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Office Staff
Yes, it's cheap. Yes, its on ocean drive. But everything about here is kinda crappy. You can't really find a parking space in the garage after 5:30 pm, due to the influx of the management renting out to "bad" tenants. There's a meth-head that lives down the hall. Evidence? While carrying 2 bags of garbage and a box of trash on my shoulders while trying to hold onto my dog's leash, this guy was continuously trying to talk to my dog all the way down the hall. I almost dropped everything because this tweeker couldn't stop himself from wanting to talk to my dog. Any person with common sense would see that I need my dog to not pull on the leash so I don't drop things, yet this guy couldn't help himself. As far as parking goes, even if you could find a parking space, you probably wouldn't want to park in the garage, because the pillars make it practically impossible to park without damaging your car. I've broken my mirror twice, and I consider myself to be a good driver. In fact, I used to drive for a living, so take my advice for what its worth. My sister, my friend, my boyfriend, and myself haven't been able to avoid messing our cars up by parking in these spaces. Apartments aren't too noisy, save the space between the two towers which people continuously speed out of here and screech due to the hill, and the occurence of these things happen more often the later at night it gets. The floorplans really suck ---, especially since they give you little to no space for storage. I can barely fit myself into the coat closet. Management is poor, at best. I heard from one neighbor that they overheard the management say that the amount of money it would take to fix the elevators to keep them functional isn't worth it, which means the elevator never works. Which it doesn't. I can't keep track of the amount of times the elevator stopped working. Once or twice with me and my dog in it. I've been late to class from being stuck in the elevator. On the bright side, management's turnover is amazing, they really just float from person to person. While I'm on the subject of management, the current manager, Dianne,who replaced the last guy they fired for not keeping things up, will speak to renters on the phone, while pantomiming bad things about them. You gotta think, if this person is making the crazy circle motion against her head while on the phone, with you in-person watching them, what is she doing while on the phone with you? Seriously? how is that even professional? Oh, and lest not forget about security, which only runs till 2am. My car's been broken into, as well as several others'. Most recently, I've heard of people slashing tires, for no apparent reason. Be careful around xmas time, as apparently people who are low on cash will break into your cars to steal whatevers available. We're moving out asap, and honestly can't wait to get into our new apartment. oh, and btw, if there is ever a hurricane heading this way, you're screwed, because the towers can only withstand a category 1 hurricane. Good luck!
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