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Country Club Manor Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
When I first moved in here I was excited until I realized I did not get the apartment I secured . I got used to the fact that they lied to me once but everything was ok for a bit then we realized you can here very well thru the walls to the point a babies crying and having to move your kids from one room to another because of noise from music babies or just a loud tv it felt like I was paying for a three bedroom but only getting to utilize two .. The place is just old no fault to the owners there..However , now we have benefits being taken away that we pay for because of reasons not disclosed to us .But the manager says when she feels like it she will open the pool back up ..Well that wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt summer and I didnt have children who depend on that pool on a daily basis..However that decision about the pool being closed only came up after there was someone cursing at some children at the pool and he was reported to the officer on duty on the property ...If you want to base your choice not to move here on other facts here are some of those for you ...The apartments heat up beyond what is bearable when you cook so much as a box of mac and cheese ..Let alone if you cook a full course meal ..Basically it would be cooler outside on a july day then it is in your home ..The laundry facility usually pretty torn up the washers are dirty and at least two of the dryers are always broken ....Then previous tenants are coming back filling the pool area party's ....Not to mention the alarm systems in one the apartments had the emergency alarm trigured and it took two hours for the police to show up .......So now you have a better insite to this apartment complex so you can make a better decision of where you really want to reside...
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Country Club Manor Apartments

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