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Everhart Place Apartments



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
i have to agree, i had a 6 month lease not too klong ago and i was driven absolutely insane by both my neighbors bassing out so loud that it vibrated my apartment.the office staff informed me there was nothing they could do and basically stated there was nothing wrong with this.none of the office staff lives in the complex therefore are ill informed onto how terrible it is to have to go to work early everyday while being kept up all hours of the day and night by inconsiderate neighbors.lot of the dryers dont work as well.news teams have visited the complex on more than one occasion due to complaints by residents.the kids had even less respect than their parents did and would use my staircase as a jungle gym and scream at the top of their lungs outside my bedroom window while their parents sat around swilling beer and doing nothing..dont ever move here. It was a never ending nightmare..i moved to a much safer complex with a professional office staff,& neighbors that dont blare their stereos all day and night
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Everhart Place Apartments

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