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Four Winds Apartments



Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
I can not wait until my lease is over. I would rather be homeless than ever live in these apartments again. The main issue is the water. I have had scorching hot water in the shower for the past couple of months. Imagine having to shower and feeling like your skin is burning. On top of that I have been having to take my daughter to my moms just to take a regular shower. My scout feels burnt from the hot water. Not only is the water unbearable, the pressure is extremely low. I have to wait at least 20 to 40 minutes holding the lever until there is enough pressure. So when it finally has enough pressure I slowly let the lever go and its like a race to shower. Many times it turns off again not even 5 minutes after. Sometimes I don't even have enough time I hold the lever with one hand while washing and doing etc with my other hand. Oh and lets not forget with the hot water burning me. I have contacted the office several times. I always get the same answer, " Oh okay I'll send maintenance." Do they ever come? Nope. Meanwhile I see them outside laughing doing a whole bunch of nothing. Not their concern because they are not the ones dealing with it every day! They are also infested with roaches. The spraying they do does not do any justice. I had to buy my own supplies that I found on YouTube that helped. Even if you are desperate the way I was on short notice I highly recommend do not do it! You will regret it.
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Four Winds Apartments

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