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Glen Willows Apartments



Resident · 2005 - 2007
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Office Staff
Instead of ranting about the personal problems I have had in the 2 years I have had here I am going to try an unbiased review... after all, the problems I had don't nessasarily mean EVERYONE has these problems. <br><br>First of all, I have lived here for two years and it's not a bad place. There is no such thing as a PERFECT apartment complex and this place does have its problems. <br><br>There have been SEVERAL occasions where we would have a notice on our door reading "Tomorrow the water will be turned off to fix a problem, sorry for the inconvieniance" Sure that sucks... but broken water pipes is really no one's fault. Can't blame the complex for that.. hell, at least they are giving a day's notice so you can be prepared. <br><br>The biggest problem I have noticed is power outtages. In the two years I have been here we have lost power 4 times. Once it was out for three days. Again, just like the water, it was no one's fault... twice it was because of lightning strikes, the three day outtage was because of an underground cable that went bad and the fourth... well... I'm not all together sure what caused that one. <br><br>The drug problem... I have read a couple other reviews of this place that say the complex is over run with drugs. Well... yes and no. I have noticed quite a few potheads around, but you show me an apartment complex with NO potheads and I'll show you someone living in denial. <br><br>Parking DOES suck. The speed bumps should be called Speed STOPS... their vehicle suspension killers... take them SLLLOOWWWWW. <br><br>Kids, kids, kids. Management says this is a "family community" and they are kidding. There are young children EVERYWHERE. This factors into the noise issue because anyone who has been around kids know's they aren't the quietest bunch in the world. It's not uncommon to see 10 to 15 kids out in the courtyards playing on the weekends. Doesn't bother me... I mean that's what kids do... but some people may be annoyed by it. <br><br>Now to the management and maintenance. Average. We've had problems that are fixed immediately and then problems that take forever to fix. So they are about 50-50. One down side.. the office is no longer opened on weekends and Air Conditioning is NOT considered emergency maintenance worthy so if your A/C quits on Saturday morning, be ready to wait till Monday before anyone looks at it. <br><br>Some upsides, Every six months they come to shampoo the carpets. You can turn down the cleans at the six month mark, but it HAS to be done at least once a year. You CAN tell the cleaning guys which rooms to clean if you don't want them in your bedroom, which is nice. <br><br>Haven't had too many problems with crime. I can recall only one notice of cars being broken into over the two years I have been here... but if you leave nice things in your car you should be ready to pain the consequence. Hell... your car can get broken into parked at the mall, so be proactive and don't leave anything nice in plain sight. <br><br>Hopefully this review has helped... this place has its ups and downs. I will say this... just an observation, but it looks to me like the half of the complex closest to the Palace is the more run down side.. LOOKS like there are more problems on that half... the other half, the Holly side, is better.
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Glen Willows Apartments

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