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Paradise Bay Apartments



Resident · 2014
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Office Staff
So first of all DO NOT live there. I had a loft style (upstairs&downstairs) apartment and I had problems from day one. - there are tons and I'm not being dramatic, TONS OF COCKROACHES. It is infested! It gives me the goosebumps just thinking about it. They were mainly in the kitchen and restroom which makes it ten times worse. It was so disgusting. - the neighbors are loud and inconsiderate. They stay outside and up late and you can here them across the complex talking, arguing and laughing. - the laundry room is hardly ever cleaned and the washers and dryers don't work properly. Either the washers won't drain and you have to take your clothes out soaking wet or the dryers don't dry properly and you have to keep putting in extra change to make the dryer go longer. - don't bother paying a pet deposit cause they don't monitor whether you have animals or not. I know this because they have restricted breeds of "aggressive" dogs such as American bull dogs or pitbulls and I can't even tell you how many of those breeds I saw. And Lots of stray cats too. - they paint over the tub with white paint to cover up the rust and mold that's underneath. Of course I didn't find this out till it started chipping away shortly after we moved in. It is absolutely disgusting. - Everytime we took a shower it leaked from the ceiling downstairs into the kitchen from a rotting whole in the ceiling. Again, disgusting. And also a hazard cause we were always upstairs cause that's where our main room was. We could have fallen straight through the floor because of the water rotting the ceiling downstairs. - the doors wouldn't lock at all when we moved in cause whoever put them in obviously didn't check to see if they put them in properly so my husband had to fix it himself. And the front door wasn't sealed properly, there was about an inch gap between the door and the floor. I don't even want to think about the bugs that could crawl in. - and don't bother complaining to the people in the main office or maintenance cause they DO NOT CARE AT ALL if you complain about a rotting tub and ceiling, locks that don't lock and infestations of roaches. THEY GET NOTHING DONE! I am so glad I do not live there anymore and I would NEVER consider living there again, nor would I recommend this place to anyone.
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Paradise Bay Apartments

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