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Paradise Bay Apartments



Prospective Resident · 2017
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Office Staff
This is the absolute worse place to live. A relative's roommate was assaulted by one of the downstairs neighbors this past Sunday. A couple was banging on the door at 6am asking if they wanted to party. My relative says they always play their music loudly and are drunk a lot. Anyway they were told no and the couple got belligerent and would not leave. It was obvious they were drunk and or high. The girl goes downstairs and gets two loaded guns and comes back upstairs and hits the roommate with one of the guns. She goes to jail but was released the same day. Last night the roommate and her brother were walking and were chased by the couple in their car. They run into the apartment just in time as a knife was impaled through the door. Police were called as well as the property manager. A search was conducted by the knife could not be located. In the end the relatives roommate gets an eviction notice as she is determined to be the one causing all the trouble. I fail to understand how this is possible as they did nothing, had no drugs or weapons and were minding their own business. The property manager even told the people not to worry because she had their back. She did not even try to be sympathetic to my relative's roommate who was clearly the victim in all this. She was not concerned that a huge knife had been used in an attempt to retaliate and harm others as well as damage the property she manages. I understand also that the same knife was used to cut a witness to the incident on Sunday. I'm glad my relative and her roommate will not be staying there regardless of how they had to leave. Their lives obviously are in jeopardy as well as anyone who comes in contact with that couple. Changing the name has not changed the caliber of people who reside there or manage it.
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Paradise Bay Apartments

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