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Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/31/2007
Unless you have lots of money to spare each month, do not sign ANY lease contracts with Sandcastle Apts. While I lived here, my truck was broken into TWICE. There was once decent lighting in the parking lots, but once the light stopped working in my particular parking lot, it was never fixed again. One small light lit the lot, which allowed for anyone who wanted to to break in at their will without the chance of being SEEN doing it. Even after many, many apartment break-ins, additional lights were NOT installed to help alleviate the problem. Each time a lease was up, a renewal contract came with a $25-$35 rent increase was added...EVERY TIME! One day late with rent led to an almost immediate letter on my door charging me a whopping $100 late fee (I was late once). A leak in the ceiling of my apartment due to the AC was not fixed for 3 weeks. Meanwhile, the leak was so bad it filled a 13 gallon trash bin (please see photos)within the day until they decided to come and fix the problem. The ceiling was near cave-in and the carpet was molded by this time. No apology was given. The maintanence is very good at fixing problems, however the manager never relayed the message to them. I think the maintanence crew should run the place. Carefull with your laundry is often stolen from the laundry room. Upon moving out, expect to pay AT LEAST $150 in fees for clean up. A mirror clean costs you $10 alone. You can imagine what other things cost to clean to their liking. $30 dirty floors, $40 oven rack, $25 counters scratches (which were scratched when I move in... the apartment is over 20 years old). You're better off hiring a professional cleaning crew to get it to thier satisfaction...it will probably be cheaper. If you do choose to move out early, there is absolutely no prorating. They will charge you "market value" for the remaining months you have left on your lease. Oh, and you can't disconnect your electricity even if you are not living in the apt. It must stay on for the remainder of the lease or you are charged that nasty late fee for rent. And last, but not least, a rude, slow and inefficient supervisor who is almost never there. They ask you talk to her if you have any problems, but she miraculously disappears when you need her so as to not have to listen to complaints and help you. I'm not the only one that has be treated like this, read other reviews. I wish I would have read these reviews before I moved in. If you have a trust fund, this is the place for you. If not, move on. Try Walnut Ridge Apts. or even Glen Willows your better off. Renters BEWARE, I was charge $99 deposit which they claim was an "Administrative Fee"...and of course non refundable.
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