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Stoneleigh Apartments



Resident · 2016 - 2017
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Office Staff
We have lived there for about a year and a half. Overall, it is a great apartment but a bit pricey. Pros: Maintenance responded to issues either the same day or in a couple of days. They are really nice and work efficiently. We feel safe in our apt complex and overall, the apartment itself is nice and clean. Club room has A/C and a TV lounge area. Free pool, gas and charcoal grill, and a basic gym. The staff sent out letters to each apt that rent is due. Cons: They have a laundry room, it accepts only quarters (~$3) for wash and dry. The dryer is a bit weak, had to do two drying sessions to get the towels and jeans to dry. Club room wifi is weak, only one person can use it before the connection is lost or the loading is too slow if more than 1 person is using it. The gym is nice; however, the machines are slowly breaking down/freezing and the jump rope has snapped in two (someone tied the ropes together). More litter has been left around the apt complex, either on the grass, stairway, or in the hallway. We have thrown other people's trash because it was a nuisance. The paint in the apt is sensitive to sticky putty and water; it losses paint or stain. There are a lot of fees, like short term lease fee (9 months and less), washer and dryer hookup fee, parking under a roof fee, etc. The biggest issue that we had was miscommunication between us and the staff. When we first arrived, we asked if it was possible to see the inside of an apt before we signed the lease. We were told that it wasn't possible, yet we see the staff driving other guest to the demo apt. I asked the staff if it was possible to move the furniture in the club room to create a larger space and we were told no. However, while I was using the club room, I overheard a conversation between the staff and the guests that wanted to rent the room. The staff told the guest that they can remove the furniture and leave it in the hallway, but it needs to be put back. I was confused with the rules after that. When we renewed our lease, we were offered a free club rental. The contract did not state that it must be used in 30 days, and so we put the date that we wanted. No one communicated with us that it was an issue, so we assumed it was ok. We checked with the staff if we still have the room and were told that we don't have it. The manager told us that we must pay the $200 for rental. There needs to be consistence between the staff and management. It feels like they prefer one guest over the other with the mix answers.
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Stoneleigh Apartments

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