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Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
Apartment was nice on the inside, minus the ants, but other than that good quality appliances. My one MAIN WARNING is that the manager is currently trying to steal money from me. No, I'm not one of those demented people who writes crazy things about places to get a kick. I'm writing it because this management needs to be exposed. This all started my first half month there. They charged me around 63 dollars for 5 days of electricity before my electric company switched over. I called the office asking why it was so pricey, they told me they were using "commercial rates". So, being a little naive, and without time to check the actual bill, I paid it. Two months later, I get another bill. This time for $6.97. I call again asking why, they tell me it's a remainder from the first bill. This time, I'm smart. I go to the office, get a look at both bills, and sure enough, they had made a mistake. They had charge me for a WHOLE MONTH that I was not living in the apartment and included the first five days of my move in. After the manager realized this, she said that she would just wash out the bill with the new bill of 56.97 I had since this past payment was late. Either way, I walked out of there not satisfied because she's still getting money from me!! I don't care if it's 10 dollars or 100 dollars, it's just the principle that the management here is trying to trick their residents. I'm so upset, but I'm gonna fight as hard as I can to get my money back. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!
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