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6433 S Staples St

Corpus Christi, TX 78413



Resident · 2012 - 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Worst apartment complex I have ever lived in. I moved there because rent was cheap and the location is great. As far as the management they are definitely some of the shadiest people I have ever met. When I first moved there one of the managers was stealing money from one of the residents as in forging his checks. He happened to be in the oilfield and was never home. She spent thousands of his dollars. Before legal action was placed both of the managers were replaced with a new set of workers. When the new management came, had no problems until they complained about my dog. I lived there for a year and started complaining about my dog because she looked like a pitbull. I had to show them paperwork stating she isn't mixed and that went away. Next problem was my vehicle got towed because of the registration being expired. Lawfully it is legal to have your vehicle towed if the owner was given a 10 day letter which is stated in their contract. Next issue was upon move out and they decided to charge me for everything possible. I left the place the way it was given to me which is all stated in the inspection of move in. Tammy which is one of the last managers I had to deal with said the carpets are going to be replaced due to having animals in the apartment. I paid $800 dollars for both dogs at $400 each. $300 of each dog is nonrefundable and is called a fee according to Annette who is rude and thinks she knows all their rules and regulations, but has no clue what she is talking about. Landscaping is terrible due to residents not picking up their dogs feces. I would advise any children to not play in the grass due to the amount of dog feces. The whole area floods with heavy rain due to poor drainage system. They also have pest problems. You will see rats, possums, ants and roaches. You can hear them running around in the walls. The parking area is also very shady. Yes it is a gated community, but no where mentions by the dump is an open alley way to the public. There are always homeless/shady people over by the dumpster due to the sports bar location. My wife was attacked by a group of -------- decent men and was almost dragged into one of their vans. She has scars all along her arms from running away from them. So having a weapon would be wise especially at night in the parking lot. The only positive thing I have to say about the apartment is the maintenance guys, they get the job done when management lets them know about the job. Also the apartment complex allows child sex offenders reside in their property. I know because I found one of the tenants on the sex offender registry. Not to mention I saw the guy at the workout facility staring at all the children playing in the pool. He was not working out, he was in jeans and a t shirt in the facility watching the kids. After everything all the hell my wife and I been through. We learned our lesson. You get what you pay for. I would highly recommend not leasing at any apartments who are under Arruth Associates. So in summary the management are thieves and will try to get money from you anyway they can. Just pick another apartment complex or rent a house. Paying extra for a house to rent or different complex will be worth it.
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