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6433 S Staples St

Corpus Christi, TX 78413



Resident · 2012
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Office Staff
I have lived in The Veranda for almost a year now. The Veranda is really a piece of work. As in it has a lot of pieces that need a lot of work! Management is horrible! They do nothing to fix any of my issues. They collect my rent money and that's about it. The maintenance guys seem to always be walking around the complex, but rarely do I see them do any work. It takes at least a day sometimes even more to get the simplest things done. My immediate neighbors are decent. They keep to themselves and they are pretty quite. EXCEPT for a new guy that just moved in. The guy constantly smokes in his apartment so much that it seeps throught the vents and I'm stuck in a cloud of Marlboro smoke in my apartment. I've complained several times to management, even asked to be move to another apartment. Nothing. I finally just had to make him aware of the situation and he has been getting better about it. There is definitely a rodent and roach problem. I had to have the cable guy come re-wire my cable and Internet lines because some rodent had chewed through the wires from the outside of the apartment. I never see roaches in my kitchen, but for some reason, I see them in my bathroom, which leads me to believe they are coming from my neighbors apartment. People never pick up after their dogs, so be cautious I you plan on walking in the grass. Assigned parking is cool as long as no one parks in your spot, which happens quite often. Oh, and management doesn't have the solution to that either. Within the first 3 months, I had my car broken into. It happens about once every 2-3 month in the apartments. That's the norm here. The security gates are constantly broke, so that probably makes us residents an easy target. And to top things off, management seems its ok to raise prices. We'll see how that works. Besides all of that, the veranda sucks and I wouldn't recommend them to homeless people. I can't wait until my lease is up.
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