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6433 S Staples St

Corpus Christi, TX 78413



Resident · 2013 - 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Overall a decent place to live. They maintain the outside area very well. You get a good space for a good price compared to other apartments in corpus christi. They have had a lot management changes. The staff is friendly. They are pet friendly but have no place for dogs to play. You have to have your dogs leashed at ALL times when they are outside. This means no playing fetch, etc. You jmust drive elsewhere to do so. Pet deposits are $400 per pet and you only get half of the back when you move out. This never happens. When you move out they charge you for everything. The fridge (even if you clean it out), the stove pans, door stops, etc The windows are thin, you hear EVERYTHING outside. And the homes near the apts have dogs that bark 24/7. There are also a lot of kids that play outside, usually unsupervised and they are loud.. You will hear all of that. The water is also allocated. which means you may end up paying for water you didn't use. You can only use Grande for cable, etc becuase the apt has a contract with them. They get a good deal in their main office with them, so now the residents have to use them. They also have breed restrictions and a limit of two pets. Which is dumb. If you have two small dogs and a cat (better lose one of them) even though you have a large apt. Overall not the best place to live but not the worst! Living in an apt means at any time maintenance can enter your home when you are not there and do whatever it is they need to do. The laundry facilities are fine. The pool is nice and has a closing time of 1000. Parking is terrible. You only get one assigned space and there is never any extra spots open. So if you have friends visit a lot this is not the apts for you. Also it is listed as a "gated coomunity" but it isnt. There is a big opening near the dumpsters that leads back to the Bar Talon's. Drunk people and the homeless stuble through the apts all the time. Many cars have been broken into, so make sure you lock your vehicles at all times. They have a complimentary trash days where they will take out your trash for you (tuesdays). Other than that they only have one area to throw trash away, as stated earlier. It's a far walk depending on where you live. Not sure how true it is but other residents have informed me there is a registered sex offender that lives at the residence. Once he was pointed out to me, i noticed he often will sit in the pool area and just watch kids/ girls play in the pool. Note that he does not get into the pool. He just sits in his regular house clothes and stares.
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