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4343 at the Parkway



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/21/2005
these apartments are decent and clean for the most part. the lawns are well taken care of as well, but the area it's in is another story. cars are broken into all the time and the management, on site as well as alliance, could care less. there is a security gate, but it never works. they should take it down, stop fixing it and maybe that would lower our rent costs. the "courtesy office" (actually hiring him and calling him a security officer i imagine would make him an employee, which inturn would cause issues w/ the apt. complex AND the DPD) is nothing more than a DPD office who gets a break on the rent to walk the property twice a night and the last time he walks it (according to him) is around 2am. which is obviously not late enough because cars keep being broken into around here. <br><br>the office staff can sometimes be helpful and other times not helpful at all. so you never know from one day to the next which you'll get. in short, i'm living here because i have to ($$$) right now, but as soon as i can afford it i'm out of here. again, the price of these apts. is affordable, but this area is really bad.
4343 at the Parkway Manager09/12/2014

We value every feedback we receive and appreciate the post. We took over this property in 2013 and hope that the past issues are no longer issues. Our staff works very hard to provide the best customer service and ensure our residents have a pleasant and positive experience while living at our property to make 4343 at the Parkway a better choice for your next home!

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4343 at the Parkway

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