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Bluff's Of Lakewood



Resident · 2011
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
Lets begin with the property. If you have money, they put you in the front. If you dont they move you to the back. Management is poor. I really cant say they know how to do their job. Maintenance cant speak a bit of english so trying to understand what they tell you when they knock on your door is hard. NOISE IS UNBEARABLE, I hear get togethers all the time and it gets loud, annoying, messy, and plain ugly to see. I dont like walking out of my front door and hearing ------- music playing really loud like I live in -------------. I was stung by random bugs here. I had to get a shot because I was allergic to a bug I still dont know what it was. The bugs here are horrible. I hear cat sex often. The dryer squeaks all the time no matter how many times its fixed. The washer breaks often too. It flooded my kitchen. The windows can be easily broken into. When I moved in I found womens accessories in the dishwasher and floor. The dishwasher itself wasused once because the smell smells like it comes straight out of lucifers ---. If you think I dont like this place, youre right. If you think I hate the people who work here, youre right. I also noticed that the storm drains overflow(when its not even raining), so they really need to get their pipes fixed. If you live here prepare to have hobos to look at everyday because all they do is hang out where they get change for the alchol stores. The gate is broken almost everyday. Managment cant seem to update or permanently fix that. Cars are broken into regularly. I had my ipod stolen from my car. The inside of my apartment was ok. I noticed the water would be cut off like EVERY OTHER FUVKING DAY! Its just not a place you wanna live. You canmove somewhere nicer and feel better or somewhere ------ and feel safer. Im not joking dont waste your money here. And I also heard from word of mouth there are vandals who key cars and break pool furniture. This place is majority ------- and the -------- Ihad an argument with told EVERYBODY AND THEIR MOMMAS. So its basically like calling eeryone you know to defend you. -__- It was horrible living here. GOOD BYE and Im glad I dont ahve to deal with this bullcrap place ever again. AND THE BIGGEST THING, MANAGEMENT MAILED ME A BILL FOR ALMOST 600 BUCKS(MORE THAN MY RENT) TO HAVE MY APARTMENT CLEANED WHEN ALL I HAD WAS A BIG RED STAIN!!!!
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Bluff's Of Lakewood

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