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Bluff's Of Lakewood



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
I moved into these apartments about a month ago. My apartment on the inside is nice, i have seen a few roaches here and there maybe 3 or 4 but I spray my apartment every two weeks so It isn't a huge problem. You can tell that these apartments don't put much money into the appearance, the paint on the buildings and stairwells is chipped if not chipping. They do a horrible job of painting, you can see where the paint has chipped and all they did was paint over it,so its very uneven. When I moved in, there was and still is a hole in the cabinet above my sink, not a little hole a pretty good size hole, my cabinets weren't wiped down there were dead roaches in the cabinets, in between the door hinges etc. but hey at least they're dead right? The piping that's connected to the sink of one of my bathrooms has an excessive amount of empty space surrounding the pipes, perfect for bugs to come in through. BUT,the neighbors are pretty quiet, there have been a couple nights when i could hear music that was too loud, but other than that it's pretty quiet. Sometimes trash is on the ground or full but it's not there longer than a day. The clean up guys do a good job at making sure that if the animals pull the trash out at night it gets picked up. Other than that I like where I live. I absolutely love that its by White Rock, and close to a lot of establishments so I dont have to go far if I need something. Oh Yea!! Parking is GREAT for residents but if you have visitors it absolutely SUCKS!! You have to have a parking permit after office hours for each visitor, so If you need one for Sunday and you didn't get it by Friday you're out of luck, and parking and towing is HEAVILY ENFORCED.
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Bluff's Of Lakewood

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