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Bluff's Of Lakewood



Resident · 2012 - 2015
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Office Staff
The location is good, I'll agree to that, and that is mostly why we haven't left, plus access to the white rock biking trails- but the management at this complex is Terrible. They have no understanding of how their renters feel.They give lease violations without explaining what exactly you have violated-usually though it is for having a cloth chair on your patio, or even a bar stool, they say if it is not guaranteed bona-fide "patio furniture" they will trash it while you are out, then charge you 300 as a "lease violation fee". We even have one of the nicer apartments, but there is no outdoor storage, and the closets are so incredibly small we never have enough room. There is no laundry area, just a tiny closet with stacked ancient units, so nolaundry storage area either. The washer and dryer are both finicky. We do ok with maintanence, BUT we know the whole crew by this point, and have to put in a request at the office only after finding the workers, and talking with them about the issue- however when we first moved in, nothing worked. The dishwasher, oven, stove top, and dryer were malfunctioning, and it took 3 months before we finally got serviced. Also, both front and patio doors lacked any type of seal, and bugs were free to come in and out through the cracks of the closed door.They do not give residents even one assured parking space- tho they do have unused spaces that are "reserved" but even though they aren't currently being used, they will tow your car at your expense if you park there- even just overnight when there is no other parking available- to a tune of $291 a pop to get it back, and though we have asked many times, and tho they say they are "working on it" there has not been a solution in 3 years, so I doubt there will be one any time soon. Today, they left a note on my door telling me my big plastic bins that contain all of my mulch and soil bags, tools and gardening supplies cannot be on the porch, and I have until today to remove it- thankfully I am off work today- but that means that they would have come and thrown away my bins, also any empty pots because those too are a violoation, and charged me 300 per item while I wasn't even here and didn't even have any clue it was happening- i am making long term plans to get us the heck out of dodge, but in the meantime, all I can do is try to protect anyone else who is thinking about this place- there are much nicer apartments right next door, a bit more expensive, but I so wish we would have gone to one of those instead- please learn from our mistake
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Bluff's Of Lakewood

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