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Bridgeport Apartments



Resident · 2016
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Office Staff
I just moved into last week and now i am really regretting it already. My car was towed because i accidentally parked in another reseidents asdigned space. The space was 2 rows over from mine. Both spaces have a pole on the driver side which is why i mistakenly thpught i was parking in the correct space. When i first moved here there were 2 separate occasions when someone was parked in my assigned space and all i did was left a note on their car and it didn't happen again. I could understand if a car with no apartment sticker was illegally parked in an assigned parking space and it was towed but for a car with an apartment sticker on it being towed seems extreme. There is a security guard on the grounds so why not write a warning or inform the office manager first before extreme measures such as having a paying residents car towed for something so minor. I had never parked in someones parking space before and i feel i was punished for making a mistake. I am truley disappointed and upset my this situation and it makes me wonder how the office staff may handle other issues the may occur if their first resolution to a resident mistakenly parking in a wrong spot is to have the car towed instead of giving the person a warning as a courtesy first. I missed 2 days of work because i had no way to get to work. I moved here from Illinois and have no family that could have helped. Not to mention this occured on the weekend when the office and the towing company were closed. Now i have to pay to get my car back when the situation could have been handled in a better way.
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Bridgeport Apartments

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