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Camden Farmers Market

2210 Canton Street

Dallas, TX 75201



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ensonbay • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/28/2007
This is my first apartment ever, so I realize I don't have comparisons.<br><br>I live on the 4th floor, so I realize I don't deal with noise issues from the street.<br><br>I'm a guy, so I realize I'm not AS sensitive to safety issues.<br><br>I'm in Phase 2, so take that into consideration.<br><br>That being said, I have fully enjoyed my time here at Camden. I've lived here since last May and just renewed my lease for another year. My rent didn't even go up!<br><br>I have never seen anyone who even looked "shady" on the grounds here. We're not in the MIDDLE of downtown, so it's rare to even see homeless individuals out in this part of Downtown (I've been going to school and now working in Downtown most of my life).<br><br>Maintenance has been annoyingly QUICK about my requests - I'll call and they're almost immediately here, which I don't expect. But that's a good thing. Maybe I just got lucky, but that's happened at least twice. :)<br><br>I have been delighted with this place, I really have. I'm too busy to use many of the amenities, but they're cool. And the Camden employees are nice when I need to interact with them (but that's not often).<br><br>Just keep in mind that MOST people who write on a "feedback" form are unhappy - the ratio isn't fairly represented on any such form. There are plenty of happy people who simply don't write on here. I'm sorry for the bad experiences people have had, but at least SOME of it is simply because we live Downtown, and SOME of it could happen anywhere.<br><br>Oh - and it's AWESOME that we have parking and that it's FREE. I am ALWAYS able to find a spot within 5 spots of my hallway. Usually even closer. I don't know why some people park across the garage, but it's nice for me.<br><br>Best things: location (I love being Downtown) and price for the amount of space<br><br>Worst thing: you are forced to pay for cable, because it's a bulk account (but it's pretty cheap)
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Camden Farmers Market

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