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slightly99 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/19/2005
I am a single female and I have lived here for over a year and a half. For the most part, it's been ok. The quality of people whom they have decided to lease to has definitley declined, but that has only served to make things a little louder in the parking lot and I got one noisy, but not unerasonable nieghbor (aka, they turn it down when I ask). I feel safe enough to walk across the parking lot at night to check my mail when I get off work. I don't ever see anyone I would deem particularly threatening around. I leave my clothes unattended EVERY time in the laundry center and no one has stolen a thing yet. There have been a few cars broken into, but this was really sort of a fluke. We do have a really nice security guy who I see every night after six and sometimes as late as 4 am, patrolling the parking lot. However, if someone is being too loud or making a fuss in the parking lot I just prefer to call the cops. I figure they're less likley to do it twice if the cops break it up rather than the security guard. Also, they tow the HELL out of people who don't have parking stickers, which I LOVE, because nothing is worse than being a resident and having ABSOLUTELY no place to park because everyone's friends who don't pay a dime to live here are taking all the spaces. The maintanance is quick to respond, poor guys, even if it's a weird time at night. I had a problem with my toilet overflowing for a while- for what seemed like no reason at all!- and the guys would always come out as soon as I called, no matter what time of night it was. When you do your move in report, whatever you notate as being less than great, they come out and fix. The management, Kendra and one really NICE girl who is like, NEVER mad, but I forget her name, is usually very kind and understanding. They REALLY do respect your privacy and will give you all kinds of notice and even ask your permission before the enter your home, which, if you've lived in an apartment at all, that's RARE. My only grudge with the place is the stone-age kitchen. We could really benefit from some new applainces that weren't en vogue circa '76. But whatever. I'd LIKE to move, if only to live in a trendier place, but as far as the property and the management, they don't really send me screaming into the hills. Oh yeah, and that fitness center is just silly. Sorry guys, but it is! It's three stories of junked workout equipment that looks like it was all bought at garage sales.
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