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Champions of North Dallas

4912 Haverwood Lane

Dallas, TX 75287



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/05/2005
I have several points to make and I'll try to not lose it...I have lived here for a year now and will move out in less then a month because of all of the following. <br><br>First, when I moved in, on the day I was scheduled to move, my apartment hadn't been cleaned, painted, carpeted, or fixed from the last people. I found this out as I did a walk through five minutes before I was going to start moving. I had a car full of stuff and had to find a place to live now for a few days while they "fixed" it! <br><br>Second, there is NO insulation in this place! I can hear every move the people above me make all the time. I have been woke up in the middle of the night because one of them got up to get water! I complained about the noise to management but there response was "These apartments are old and there is nothing we can do about it!" For the amount of money I am paying, I'd like to have an apartment where I don't have to listen to people stomping around when I'm watching TV, eating, working (I work from home), talking with friends, sleeping!<br><br>Third, twice a week there a people here doing yard work and four guys with leaf blowers that each walk past your window three times before the fell like the job is done! <br><br>Fourth, There are gangs of kids that run around breaking anything you have on your patio or porch and skateboarding right next to your door and smacking into your walls all while managing to kick up dirt and mud everywhere. I walked outside a few days ago and there were globs of mud on the wall across the hallway and then I looked down and saw my welcome mat was gone. The kids did that after I told them to go somewhere else and make a mess. They have absolutely no manners and no parents that care!<br><br>Fifth, my friend’s $10,000.00 dollar bike was stolen even though it was chained and blocked in by a car. The **sholes picked it up and loaded it into a truck or something and were gone. Still haven't found it and probably won't! When I went to the office and reported it they said sorry, and that they have three Dallas police officers that live on property and walk it for security. I keep my blinds open all day and work from home so I should see a person in plain clothes walking around every once in awhile. Well I do but only to do laundry and from the looks of him he isn't a cop. I told them I would like to talk with there "security" and she said they don't do that! <br><br>Sixth, I have suspected drug dealers living 100 feet away and the apartments or cops won't do anything about it! They have at least five different cars park next to there stairs through out the day. One person gets out, goes up to the door and talks with someone for about two minutes in the doorway, then "shakes hands" and goes back down, gets in the car and leaves. After the third time reporting this to the apartments, they said call the cops and report it! They wouldn't even call for suspicious activity on their own property! So I called the cops about it and they filed a complaint but haven’t done anything to stop it.<br><br>Seventh, this apartment community accepts section 8 and while I agree with section 8 help to a point, I'll bet the dealers down the way are on it and make three times what I do, easy, dealing! There are all sorts of idiots living near me and nobody cares to prevent crime. The management won't do anything about it because there all on section 8 and are getting there money and that’s all they care about!<br><br>If seven reasons aren’t enough to keep you from moving in, then how about an one more...<br><br>Eighth, the maintenance people here are mostly incompetent. I have had the same problem "fixed three times!" It's a simple slow leak from a pipe and yet they can't seem to fix or replace it so twice now my carpet has been flooded! Had to have a carpet cleaning company come out vacuum it up then replace the padding a few days later, twice! All on there bill! Because of a small leak! I live in a two bedroom apartment on the first floor and my electric bill during the last couple of HOT months has been just over $200.00 dollars. I had them check my A/C and they said it was fine. Well, I can't imagine any other reason why my bill would go from about $125.00 to over $200.00 dollars when the weather has stayed almost the same as far as heat and my rates have not gone up!<br><br>Like I said earlier, I am moving out very SOON but not soon enough! I would not recommend and in fact I openly discourage anyone from moving in here unless you’re a two bit drug dealer and even then you have got a lot of competition here. This area and especially this place have gone from ok to horrible in only a year. I'd hate to see what happens in the next year. <br><br>In short, I'd recommend you pay the same amount of money to a better community and enjoy a better life somewhere else!
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Champions of North Dallas

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