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Chase Crossing Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
I live in an efficiency apartment and love my little apartment. The kitchen and balcony are huge which makes living in such a small space live-able. The utilities are very low. I used to live in Garland and paid up to 150 a month for electric and about 45 a month for water/sewage. Now I pay 56-100 for all of it. The complex feels safe. The hills are great for exercising on. The laundry rooms are clean and the machines work properly. The exercise room is nice. The pool needs to be updated and improved upon (spend some money on the pool please). My neighbors are nice. I live on the first floor under a townhouse. I can hear them walking across the floor and walking up their stairs at night. But, its to be expected when you're on the first floor. I only have one complaint that people moving in here should be aware of. The complex has a boiler for its hot water. I can stand in my shower and my water gets scalding hot and then cold and I'm not touching the knob. I was recently hospitalized and had to use a shower chair (which sucked). When the water would get scalding it was difficult for me to move away from it. I can see how this could become a safety issue for someone down the road. I understand this could be a HUGE expense, but it is something that needs to be done. Nothing like a cold shower before work to start your day off right. Back to the positives. The office management team are wonderful, understanding and compassionate.
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Chase Crossing Apartments

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