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Chase Crossing Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2013
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I lived here for 2 lease terms (approximately 2 years). The studio-sized apartment was small but comfortable. PROS: I had no major issues with the apartment complex. Maintenance was quick and friendly. The complex was relatively safe, although the same cannot be said for the surrounding area. Parking was not an issue. Close to Northpark mall. Friendly office staff and cookies. The apartment manager was easy to work with most of the time and was understanding. Overall, I felt safe coming home to these apartments, but the surrounding area was starting to make me nervous (especially when the gates were open). There is a lot of foot traffic around the area, but I always felt safe in the complex (as long as the gates were shut). Small complex, so you start recognizing people that live in the complex. Neighbors are nice. They manager does try to maintain the property. While I was there, they trimmed the trees and added safety bumps. Landscaping people arrived once a week or so. They should improve the landscape look a little. Pool is cleaned once a week. CONS: Noise level- I disliked the sirens. I didn't hear them at all the first lease term. But, on the second lease term, I heard them everyday. I don't know if it was the change in location, or if I just starting noticing them on the second lease term. I also can't tell if they were firefighters, cops, or ambulances (probably all of the above). I think it has to do with the many medical centers on 75. Also, there was a roach problem for a few months, and pest control did not do a very good job (they only take care of the kitchen/bathroom cabinets), so I had to do it myself. There was a flea problem when I moved in, but they immediately took care of that (that's a pro). No pest issues on my first lease term (that's a pro). Washer/dryers are full on the weekend. So, wash during the week. The shower was bipolar-- water fluctuated by itself b/w hot and cold. Fitness center needs improvement; 1 treadmill works though. OVERALL: I like that the complex is small. I liked the small community; I didn't really talk to my neighbors, but I liked the comfort of knowing and recognizing their faces. Maintenance was fast and friendly. The office staff are easy to talk to. This was my first apartment, and I don't regret living there. I moved because I wanted to move locations (and b/c the surrounding area and sirens were starting to bother me). Like I said, the area isn't the best. And, the only thing that made me feel safe were the neighbors, the office staff, and the gate. I still recommend the complex just be aware of the pros/cons. P.S. Read apartment ratings w/ care. Sometimes apartment staff will write reviews about their own complex. Still read it though, b/c tenants will also write reviews.
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Chase Crossing Apartments

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