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Chase Crossing Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
I would tell you that you get what you pay for, but that is not true anymore. Renters are moving out at an alarming rate. The reason? I have spoken with other renters in the past year and the reason is always the same. Too high or drastic increases in rent of more than $20, $40, $60 and YES even 85 dollars have occurred according to these other tenants. Are they lying to me SMI? What would they gain by lying to me? SMI's logic behind these massive rent hikes is "Market Value". REALLY? What should you expect to get for this so-called "Market Value" increase? Well, crooked walls, single pane windows, poorly re-finished counter tops and cabinets, poorly re-finished bath tubs and paint splatter from the "Make ready" painters, outdated appliances and let us not forget those fabulous "HARD WOOD FLOORS" (Too funny). NOTE: I mentioned single pane windows because Management may tell you about the commercial utility rate that is less than most apartments, but really doesn't matter if you have to run your A/C and Heat non-stop. And those crooked walls,especially around the windows and door allow plenty of air and heat to enter/escape. So rest assured, your bills would be about the same as other apartments. So why move here at all? Here are 3 reasons: LOCATION, LOCATION and LOCATION. This is its only saving grace. You can get anywhere quickly if you are familiar with DFW regardless of time or day. Oh, one last important note. SMI's property management states that the rent increases are justifiably comparable to the surrounding apartment communities. As of 01/31/2015, those other communities have been through or are in the process of MAJOR UPGRADES for both the interior and exterior. If you are going to move here for location, I highly recommend you save yourself time and money and consider one of the several other communities before moving here. But if you decide to move here because you need to move somewhere quickly I promise you there will be plenty of units available. And one more soon-OURS!
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Chase Crossing Apartments

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