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Chase Crossing Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2015
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Office Staff
I was waiting to review till i was completely done with them. I lived there for two years and for the first year it was okay. I had two neighbors above me, young girls around my age and i never heard them, they were friendly enough. Then second year a family of 4 move in with two young children. The noise begins. I can hear their toddler crying for hours (not an exaggeration) through the night. And it wasn't a faint far off cry. It was like the baby was in my living room and i right next door in the bedroom. Then after dealing with the crying the noise from one of the adults snoring so so so loud. Then one of their alarms at 5am every morning. Like i pay extra so i don't have to live with roomates. Yet the noise coming through the thin floors and walls was horrible. When i talked to the office about it. The person who runs the place said. Oh just turn on a fan to wash out the noise. She didn't care at all. I complained about them parking a giant SUV from the time they moved in till the time i moved out never moved, had a flat, was busted up and on top of that they already took up 3 other parking spaces with no parking stickers. And when i asked about that she said, he is very protective of his cars ill tell him to move it. Never moved it is still there to this day and i moved out over a month ago. The apartment is big has tons of storage, nice kitchen with window plenty of counter and cabinet space. The floors were weird, plank that seemed to always be slippery. I cleaned them several ways and still slippery. Bugs everywhere. There was some weird trap door in the bedroom that went to some door outside that they would tinker with and bang on from time to time but it let bugs in all year long worse during the summer. I would wake up all the time with a bug on me. Loved all the windows. The layout is a little weird for certain things. But overall if they made some big changes it could be a great place. update all cabinets and counter tops. So many cracks in the walls and ceilings. The floors and counter tops were not level. The electrical was bad. My light in the kitchen wouldnt turn on a lot then out of nowhere turn on. The complex itself is nice cause its small. But it's so old no one can have a w/d. And the on site laundry hardly ever worked properly. At times there was 1 dryer working out of 6. There are two facilities but the other was on the other side of the complex. The machines constantly had signs that they were out of order. The "gym" was a joke. Some equipment didn't work and it was all old. I think someone dropped off a bike machine when they moved out and it became a permanent fixture. The dumpsters were always overfilled. And if you live in certain areas a trek to the dumpster was horrible. I couldn't imagine some of these older people who had to walk from the front of the complex all the way to the back with a heavy bag of trash down hill then back up again. Staff, well i wasnt happy with the staff. When you are interested in moving in there aren't enough Honeys, babies, sugar or sweeties to go around. But if there is a problem and you have to question their work. Then you better be ready for an argument. If they need to leave you a note, they will walk right into your apartment and tape it somewhere, leave it on a counter. Sometimes packages are brought into your apartment instead of left in the office. If you ask them to please not come in without consent or you being there they still will. It made me uncomfortable knowing some of their staff would just come in whenever they wanted for whatever little note or reason. Thats what the clip on the door is for. Probably the worst part of the complex is the animals in the walls (squirrels, possums, raccoons) now this may sound like i'm making this up. But in the kitchen walls there were constantly animals running around in the walls and fighting or who knows. You can tell for sure what the noises were cause there is a lot of wildlife on the complex which isnt bad. But i dont want them in the walls. There are cracks in the buildings and weird little doors or openings that they can get into. Once i heard one fall in the AC vent area in the bathroom. My dog freaked out. There are a ton of apartments being renovated or have been renovated in the area that give you way more bang for your buck. This place probably was the nicest complex in the neighborhood back in its day. But not anymore. Keep looking and check your options. If you dont All of this is true, none of it is made up information. I know how people can be when reviewing, but this is all true statements that have no emotional attachment.
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Chase Crossing Apartments

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