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Churchill on the Park Apartments

7601 Churchill Way

Dallas, TX 75251



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/08/2005
I read many of the reviews and agree with most everything written to some extent. Someone said it well when they stated that those who are bitching consistently need to realize they are living in apartments, not a private home. I have lived in this area for 4 years and in this complex for 2. If people feel the crime is bad here, cross the street to La Costa, I assure you it is more frequent there. As with any city, unfortunately the crime is inevitable. The complex is doing their part to try to limit the occurences. They have video surveilence of the gates, and have round the clock security walking the property. Yes, they are flashlight cops, but what would make you happy?? Armed guards with AK's? <br><br>Generally with apartments I feel as though they do everything they can to get you in the door and signed up, but following that they just generally ignor your needs. I DO NOT feel this way here. I think overall they do a good job to resolve any issues i have. Staff is personable, but not flexible with regards to renewel rates. <br><br>MY ONE ISSUE with this complex is the automatic $50/mo increase every time you re sign your lease. New lease rates are good, but unfortunately due to uncertainties of location with my business, i only sign 6 months at a time. So being on my 3rd renewel, my rate is $150 higher/mo than what i signed at. I feel as I am a good negotiator and I cannot get them to budge. I have tried the 'fake put in my 30 day notice' and all.... nothing. <br><br>Otherwise, the floorplans are good, the people are nice.. Lots of pets here, but none that have annoyed me surprisingly.. I would recommend it!
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Churchill on the Park Apartments

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