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Churchill on the Park Apartments

7601 Churchill Way

Dallas, TX 75251



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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 11/16/2005
Churchill on the Park's biggest problems deal with theft and a general slowness to acknowledge a problem with safety. If you ask about crime they are quick to tell you that they can't say anything about it (I wonder why). One lady had her door kicked open and a man took her by gunpoint to an ATM. The only reason I know about this is the police came to my apartment first while looking for her apartment around 4 or 5am and saying she had been kidnapped. On the good side, I heard the Churchill apartment Management was gracious enough to let the lady get out of her contract and they added a slightly more significant strike plates to all the doors. Finally after tons of questions and complaints from the residents the apartment management had a crime watch meeting (after many many requests). They now have a guard at night (which they actually have had intermittently over the last couple of years especially when there has been a rash of thefts and such but they usually get rid of the security guard if the thefts come down to an acceptable level). I have had 2 chained bicycles stolen with a $1500 loss (now I use thicker chains and cheaper bikes). When I called the office to notify them of my very expensive mountain bike loss the leasing girl let slip that at least 11 other bikes had been stolen in the previous couple of months and courteously reminded me that I am suppose to have insurance and it wasn't their responsibility to protect residents (Thank You!). I just wish they would have told me when the first couple of bikes went missing so I could take extra precautions. On another interesting note I have seen people go right through the wrought iron fence around the property. It has large gaps between the bars in many spots - I have notified the apartment many times over the last two years that I have watched people do this (not sure if any action has been taken recently with new management). Churchill has replaced my computer room carpet three times due to water from rain and outside power sprayer water entering the room through the cracks in the siding. The first time it took 2 weeks to get management approval for replacement of the carpet - meanwhile my apartment smelled awful like mold and mildew. Each subsequent time the period for replacement has been shorter and shorter. The last time (with new management) it only took a couple of days to get the carpet replaced (Yeah!). The new management also has chaulked my siding in a attempt to prevent water from entering my apartment in the future (Yeah!). All other maintenance has been handled promptly. If you have a laptop I would not keep it in your apartment or car unattended. In one 30-60 day period something like 4-5 notebooks were stolen. My ex-neighbor upstairs had their apartment entered and their laptop stolen during the day and an ex-resident Dallas policeman had his place broken into during the day and also had his laptop stolen. He had his home combination safe fingerprinted and they caught that felon (Yeah!). The new management maybe better than the prior management but be sure and address crime - if they evade the apartment crime question - run away. Also another interesting note that one resident discovered while trying to find out who stole from his apartment. The entry camera's do not catch the license plates of entering/ exiting vehicles. Also, if the vehicle leaves from the east gate there isn't a camera to observe departing vehicles. The gates and camera's are a false sense of security. They also don't keep tapes covering a long enough period. It seems that over the last couple of years that Churchill management has not regretted the turnover in their apartments. Perhaps it is so people that would have been there a couple of years or more can't share their experiences.
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Churchill on the Park Apartments

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