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Gables Katy Trail

2821 Carlisle Street

Dallas, TX 75204



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
I have to say this is the best community I've ever lived in. Gables has done a lot of improvements and it really looks good around here. The renovation process has been challenging at times but its been worth it. It's amazing, the face lift this building has received. Anywhere you live there will always be a need for improvement and/or repairs, it is just a matter of how you deal with it. (referring to the negative reviews)<br><br>Now the car break ins...hummmmm, VERY disturbing! Nothing like walking to your car to go to work and the window is shattered- everywhere. The feeling of being violated!!! Then you look around and see a few others' the same way!?!?! [WHAT THE HE*L?] I know because it's happened to me. It has also happened to a few of my friends that live elsewhere in the uptown area, so it is not only our garage. I only hope that police find the ba**urds very soon, and put a stop to this madness.<br><br>~I like the area, walking distance to everything.<br>~Weather permitting... the landscapping is prettier than before. Very well kept.<br>~Recycling is easy.<br>~Friendly and polite neighbors.<br>~Respectfully quiet.<br>~Well lit.<br>~Parking space choices have lessened but always find one. <br><br>Saving the best for last, <br><br><br>~The Staff-----<br><br>Terrific! Their bubbly attitudes are contagious. They are friendly, helpful, not to mention thoughtful (signed holiday greetings-by the whole staff). Any time I have entered the office, they stop what they are doing and I'm greeted with helpful smiles. <br>I have gone in there and addressed some issues, (a time or two) it was handled very professionally and I really felt better after leaving there. There is a sense of trust and care in that office. <br>I love this place and I am proud to call it my home! <br><br><br>( to the people with their grouchy reviews...I can't imagine you have ever been in the office to discuss your concerns, you should try it, it's amazing how much they are willing to work with you or even help you better understand something, if that's the case, but your happiness, I believe, is what they are truely after. ) <br>That's my opinion.
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Gables Katy Trail

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