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Keystone Ranch Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/28/2005
I will officially have been here for a year at the end of November and i can "honestly" say this has been a pleasant experience. I believe most people only write reviews because they didn't get something their way and they, for some reason, think they should be a priority over other tenants. I've read all the reviews and i actually do agree with some like the noise issues, but a lot of the negative ones are exaggerated. Yes, there are cars that keep up a little noise every now and then, but overall, this is NOT a loud property. Also for the person who wrote, " worst ------ in 75287 zipcode"(what were you thinking???) that person is just ignorant. there are so many more areas that are MUCH worse than this area.(Not saying this is bad at all because it isn't) This is an average area, the apartment complex is pretty inside and out,and it's a very safe and family oriented neighborhood. (I'm very aware of my envioronment and would notice a neighborhood that isn't safe.) the office staff isn't bad either.Maintenance is always here the same or next day, and they're very friendly and professional.I believe these reviews about the staff being rude are tenants that didn't get something their way and got upset, so decided to deceive future residents by only telling their opinion from frustration and not the facts. If you pay rent on time, don't make any loud or rude disturbances, and basically do what you know you should be doing, then you won't have any problems. I love Maria in the office because she has always helped us out in any way and has remained as helpful and friendly as she was when she first showed us the apartment.I've never really talked to Mary so I can't really comment on the negative reviews about her. I feel like this is a great property to live in as well as it being very affordable. For all the future tenants........ just keep in mind that a lot of the negative reviews are just very bitter tenants. Take it from someone who bases reviews on facts! this is a great property for someone looking for something affordable, safe, good office staff, and convienent. My reasons for leaving is because I am planning on going back to school so I need to downsize since I'm trying to become a doctor, and i'm tired of the third floor and bad parking spaces. But if I could stay, I most likely would.I hope this will help out future tenants the way that I hope reviews will help me out.
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Keystone Ranch Apartments

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