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Lakeside at Walnut Hill



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lasocia • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/20/2005
Well unless u don't want to get kicked out because u are defending urself don't come in here.( Much less call the police) u will get kicked out(the people at the leasing center don't want their " reputation to go low") lol!!! it already is. These people don't care about ur safty and those called contracts are good for nothing i can assure u that. It can say on the contract 2 people but there could be 6 or 7 people living at an apt(in front of the building 62 there's about 10 guys living in one apt))lol. They don't abide to what it says, but i'm gald i got kicked out of that roached place. Well i'm just a civilian that was stupid enough and rent there. I got kicked becasue my roomate brought this other person to live in our apt. and i didn't like the idea so i talked to the so called director some -------- dude but he told me he was gona fix the prob because only my name and my roomates name on the contract, i was 3 hrs away from the apt and i asked him if i could call the police incase anything happend he said yes, well when i got to the apt like 4hrs later my roomate was at he apt with this girl(my rommates fried) and she started threatening me she said she was gonna burn be and kill me so i called the police and they said that they couldn't do anything about it, so ok i found another place to stay for that night, the next morning i went to the leasing center and this blonde middle aged lady told me i had to leave within 24hrs that they didnt' want to deal with these kinds of probelms she gave me 24hrs to leave and she gave my roomate and her friend 3days well what kind of bull s*** is that?, knowing very well that i lived 3 hrs away..
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Lakeside at Walnut Hill

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